The ABC's of Pleasure

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

To Add to Our Emotional Vocabulary

Pleasure is Aliveness, Activity, Awe

Pleasure is Breathing, Blissful, Benevolent.

Pleasure is Curiosity, Caring, Courageous.

Pleasure is Dancing, Delightful, Delicious.

Pleasure is Embodied, Energetic, Expressive.

Pleasure is Fun, Funny, Friendly.

Pleasure is Grace, Gladness, Grateful.

Pleasure is Healing, Healthy, Hot.

Pleasure is Intimate, Interesting, Inspiring.

Pleasure is Joyful, Jaunty, Jocular.

Pleasure is Knowledge, Kindness, Kissing.

Pleasure is Loving, Liking, Lustful.

Pleasure is Meaningful, Magical, Mindful.

Pleasure is Naughty, Nourishing, Nonconventional.

Pleasure is Openness, Optimistic, Orgastic.

Pleasure is Presence, Passion, Peace.

Pleasure is Quiet, Quirky, Queer.

Pleasure is Resilient, Respectful, Romantic.

Pleasure is Soothing, Sensual, Sexy.

Pleasure is Truth, Touching, Tenderness.

Pleasure is Understanding, Uplifting, Unifying.

Pleasure is Valuable, Vivacious, Variety.

Pleasure is Wonder, Wellbeing, Willful.

Pleasure is Xenophilic, Xenophilic, Xenophilic.

Pleasure is Yes, Youthful, Yummy.

Pleasure is Zestful, Zealous, Zippy.

Enjoy! 😊

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