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Interviewed by Dr. Diana Wiley (August 6, 2013) Web Radio:discusses how sex therapy has evolved since Masters and Johnson to emphasize sexual health, pleasure and diversity.

Web Radio: Interviewed by Dr. Diana Wiley (February 5, 2013) discusses romance.

Web Radio: Interviewed by Dr. Diana Wiley (May 23, 2012) discusses the calming explanation of how to bring back the playfulness and sex to any relationship.

Interviewed by Dr. Tammy Nelson (October 3, 2012) discusses full-spectrum therapy and the effectiveness of this approach in working with relationships and sexual issues.

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Stella is available for television, radio, video podcast, and print interviews on topics of current interest relating to sexuality and intimate relationships.

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The fundamental insight that has changed my life and deepened my work is what I all the Principle of Relaxed Excitement. It has to do with cultivating the ability to be energized and relaxed at the same time. This may well be the master key to all our aspirations. I think of it as the key to success in everything!


The sexual self, sexual health, and sexual satisfaction cannot be separated from issues of personal growth, authenticity, self-acceptance and ability to be happy in a relationship.

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