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True love is not just about being true to another. The most fulfilling love is when you are also true to yourself. You want to be loved for who you truly are and not for who you can pretend to be.


Being romantic is a great way for partners to play. When one person is attentive to the other with a lighthearted and lively spirit and the other reciprocates in some way—laughs at the joke or smiles back and stays engaged—they've connected with their inner playmates.

Upcoming Virtual training Seminar Presented by Dr. Stella Resnick


An Embodied Relational Sex Therapy Training (ERST)™

Online Zoom Two-weekend Training

Friday and Saturday, September 17-18 & 24-25

PT: 10am-5:30 pm; ET: 1pm-8:30; UK: 6pm-1:30am

Sao Paolo 2:00 pm-9:30 pm

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