An Embodied Relational Sex Therapy Training (ERST)™


You do not need to have attended earlier ERST trainings to benefit from this current training

24 CE credits for health professionals
(AASECT, APA, MFT, LCSW, & more through R. Cassidy Seminars)

You may share your screen with a partner, friend or colleague at no extra charge.

Online Zoom Two-weekend Training

Friday and Saturday, September 17-18 & 24-25

PT: 10am-5:30 pm; ET: 1pm-8:30; UK: 6pm-1:30am

Sao Paolo 2:00 pm-9:30 pm

Presented by Stella Resnick, PhD

“Psychotherapy has to do with two people playing together…Where playing is not possible, then the work done by the therapist is directed toward bringing the patient from a state of not being able to play into a state of being able to play.”—D.W. Winnicott (1971, 2005)


“Gestalt therapy is permission to be exuberant, to have gladness, to play with the nicest possibilities within our short lives…the full embrace of life."–J. Zinker (1977)   


This integrative approach blends interpersonal neurobiology with the practice of “full-spectrum” Gestalt work which includes neuroscience, sexology, and the present centered experiential processing of Gestalt therapy. We begin with a brief review of the process laid out in my 2019 book Body-to-Body Intimacy: Transformation Through love, Sex, and Neurobiology. We look at how society’s cultural war with bodily pleasures has put many of us at war with our own body, especially physical and sexual pleasure, even emotional. The focus of Embodied Relational Sex Therapy (ERST) is to heal the whole person—Body, Mind, and Spirit.


Offering research and anecdotal evidence, group discussion, individual and group Gestalt experiential processing, conscious breathing methods, and present-centered improvised experiments, we explore the healing and growth-promoting powers of playfulness, humor, imagination, creativity, self-revelation, loving connection, and lightheartedness.


The interpersonal neurobiology discussion includes evidence for how our earliest experiences, from prenatal, infancy, and childhood, shape the two sides of the brain—the right brain and left brain—along with autonomic nervous system (ANS) emotional reactions and how that early programming lays down unconscious and implicit reflexes that affect adult loving and intimate relationships. The workshop goes over the hedonic hot spots in the brain and implications for enjoying happiness and fulfillment of all kinds—both hedonic and eudaemonic pleasures.


The sexological evidence shows how sexual shame and inhibition from infancy, early childhood, and adolescence, not only affects adult sexuality and imprints shame but also affects romantic and loving intimate relations between lovers and committed partners. Evidence also suggests that being comfortable with one’s own sexuality, especially in the context of mutual pleasure for both partners is an important validation of self-esteem.


The experiential work involves participants working through the awareness continuum, the Cognitive-Somatic-Experiential -Behavioral Spectrum, progressing from the Cognitive exploration of therapeutic goals and re-framing problems as opportunities for growth, to expansive breathing methods and Somatic awareness, to Experiential present-centered processing, to the skillful practice of Behavioral goals.


Each day in the four-day, 24-hour process we focus on a different pleasure theme with each day building on what came before it:


Sept. 17:

Pleasure Basics: Happiness and Contentment



Intimacy Basics: Love and Romance


Sept. 24:

Sexual Basics: Erotic Arousal and Desire


Sept. 25:

Sweet Surrender: Letting Go and Orgasm


Do join us! We look forward to meeting you or seeing you again.


Fee: $2500 per screen, for individuals or couples.

Discounts are available for students and those who require financial assistance to attend.


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For Professionals
Course content level: Advanced

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Cancellation Policy: The deadline to cancel for a full refund is September 10, 2021.

Do join us! We look forward to meeting you or seeing you again.


Fee: $2500 per screen, for individuals or couples