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Full-Spectrum Gestalt Trainings (FSG)

This approach to intimate fulfillment occurs along five interrelated spectrums: the Problem-Transformation Spectrum; the Attachment-Sexuality Spectrum; the Pain-Pleasure Spectrum; the Cognitive-Somatic Spectrum; and the Experiential-Behavioral Spectrum.

A spectrum is a broad range of memories, experiences, emotions and habits, from one end to what appears to be its opposite, but where the opposites are actually interconnected--two sides of the same coin--and developmentally interrelated.

As therapists we need to be prepared to identify the narrow polarities of experience our clients often live by and, with our guidance, help them to broaden their relational prospects.

I identify this training as Full-Spectrum Gestalt (FSG) in Embodied Relational Sex Therapy (ERST), integrating  couples and sex therapy.  


Next Fall Training, November 3-4, 2017
Open to all therapists, students and health professionals

Embodied Relational Sex Therapy
A Full-Spectrum Neurobiological-Gestalt (FSG) Training

November 3 and 4, 2017
Beverly Hills, California

Friday and Saturday, 10 am to 6:30 pm each day  

AASECT-approved for 12 CE Credits

This seminar offers an embodied relational approach for working with both individuals and couples on relationship and sexual issues. We will specifically focus on the interplay between sexual aliveness and a wide spectrum of emotions whether expressed or repressed---love, enthusiasm, empathy, fear, resentment, grief, guilt, and shame. 

In this 2-day workshop you will:

• Explore an embodied-relational model for emotional and sexual fulfillment in intimate relationships that draws from sexology, neurobiological research, and Gestalt present-centered experiential practice.
• Practice experiential training that emphasizes personal growth through Gestalt present-centered processing, felt-sense perception, conscious breathing, imagery, attunement to body-based cues and non-interpretive feedback.


$485 early registration by October 6
$525 late registration after October 6

For more information and to apply for this training:
Or call: (310) 855-7565

Next Esalen Training, May 6-11, 2018

Embodied Intimacy in Love and Lovemaking 

A Neurobiological-Gestalt Integration of Couples and Sex Therapy

At Esalen Institute, Big Sur, California 

Sunday to Friday, May 6-11, 2018                  

26 CE Credits (AASECT, APA, LCSW, MFT) 

Embodied intimacy is the body-to-body intersubjective connection between parent and infant that shapes the brain and grows secure children, underlies the affection between mates, and arouses erotic lovers. Research shows that many of the vital qualities of nonverbal communication shared by intimates are also necessary elements in the therapeutic alliance. Therapist attunement to the client’s facial, vocal and body language in the present moment are essential in picking up deeper truths in clients, and at the same time, reflect a quality of attunement to learn that is especially valuable for couples seeking more fulfilling sexual connection. 

Effective couples and sex therapists also need to be educators, skilled observers and articulators of subtle exchanges, theorizers of possible emotional associations tied to the past, and guides to metabolizing emotional experiences and attaining personal and relational growth. Simultaneously, the therapist needs to be self-attuned and regulated to catch emotional cues and address them helpfully.

This Full-Spectrum Gestalt training looks at five spectrums of exploration in this cognitive-somatic-relational approach to couples’ work. These are: Problem-Transformation; Attachment-Sexuality; Pain-Pleasure; Cognitive-Somatic; Experiential-Behavioral.

This training is primarily experiential with participants process work the route to professional expertise. Methods for exploring and enhancing emotional and sexual intimacy include a body-based reframing of the issues, present-centered embodied Gestalt processing, and breath work.

This training is the prerequisite for the FSG, Level Two training.

Participants will learn to:

  • Summarize advances in brain science and sexology that support an integrated body-based relational approach to couples and sex therapy.
  • Assess the limiting relationship or sexual patterns in the neurobiological attachment and psychosexual development of partners.
  • Describe how affective attunement between intimates is essential for loving connection, arousal, desire and fulfilling sexual contact.
  • Identify nonverbal right brain communications that pass between partners in couples’ therapy that can support or sabotage therapy.
  • Utilize present-centered embodied Gestalt processing and breath work to enhance capacity for emotional and sexual intimacy.
  • Practice personal methods of stress-awareness and self-regulation.

Join us for a memorable learning experience!

Note: All participants must first register and pay for this program by applying to

Only after registration and payment of tuition will you be able to reserve accommodations at Esalen (this will be an extra cost). Course fees and accommodations are separate. Please see accommodations costs under “Pricing for Partner Programs” at

Tuition: $950

The Esalen catalog for Spring 201 is now available and may be viewed at

For more info and to register for 2018: Please request a Registration Form by emailing me at or you may call me at (310) 855-7565


Embodying Your Love: Explorations in Intimacy for Couples 
Couples Retreat at Esalen Summer, 2018 (exact dates not yet set)

For more information see:,

Health professionals attending will gain skills relevant to clinical practice and earn 26 CE credits.   


I am available to psychotherapists and sex therapists in both individual and monthly group supervision at my office or via Skype. I am an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist and Clinical Supervisor and AASECT Approved Provider of Continuing Education.

GROUP – By Application
INDIVIDUAL - By Appointment

To discuss the possibilities available to you for supervision:
Call: (310) 855-7565

For more information on AASECT certification:

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Traditionally, psychotherapy has been viewed through two different lenses: cognitive-behavioral and the somatic-experiential lenses. The Full-Spectrum approach says both sides offer valuable tools for healing and thriving, but each is only half the picture. For psychotherapy and sex therapy to have lasting results, cognitive and somatic approaches need to be integrated.

In essence, two loving people can silently transmit information back and forth through eye contact as well as touch that can adjust each other’s heart rate, hormone levels, disease fighting blood cells, and more. This is called entrainment or “neural synchrony.”

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